Vancouver-based company launches new privacy focused messenger app

Vancouver-based tech entrepreneurs have launched Vanish, the first messaging app that allows users to delete and have complete control of their data.

Brothers Dylan and Jordan Sidoo and friend Jaiten Gill are the masterminds behind the messaging app.

The Sidoos and Gill have an extensive background in security and technology. After witnessing security breaches firsthand and experiencing insecure messaging apps, they decided to create their very own.

The app allows users to speak freely without storing any information on a cloud device. Messages can also be completely erased, even the ones sent to the receiver’s device.

When the messages are deleted, they completely vanish and cannot be recovered.

The app also allows for seven-person encrypted group-video calls, and up to 20,000 user audio calls.

In comparison, apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook still allow for messages to be recovered.

Facebook Messenger doesn’t enable end-to-end encryption, leaving it up to the user to enable Secret Conversations. WhatsApp collects metadata, also known as “activity records.”

“Using a messenger app that’s truly a one-on-one conversation keeps people safe and protects their data, communications, and identity,” said Dylan Sidoo.

“When unbreakable, encryption allows for the exchange of the most sensitive information without any risk of exploitation and there’s no need to enable a secret chat mode like in other messaging technology. This is what separates Vanish from similar apps. It comes down to fundamental security and ease of use.”

The app is completely free to download and use, and is available on iTunes and Android.

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